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Looks like it is Jim Crawford for 33rd Senate District Democratic candidate

August 14, 2012 Local News No Comments

Just before the polls closed in East Hampton CT – Republican Moderator Patience Anderson and Democratic Moderator Dave Simko get ready to check results in the Aug. 14, 2012 primary. Photo copyright 2012 Brenda Sullivan

Voter turnout for today’s primaries was higher than average across the state.

In East Hampton, CT about 24 percent of those eligible to vote came to the polls… there were 2,460 Democrats who could vote today and 1,713 Republicans.

Republican moderator for the primary in East Hampton, Patience Anderson, pointed out that GOP turnout was very healthy, since almost as many Republicans actually came to the polls as Democrats.

When the polls closed tonight, it looked like on the Democrats’ side, James Crawford successfully edged out Mary Ellen Klinck to become the Democratic candidate for Senator in the 33rd District.

The unofficial tally is 2,449 votes for Crawford and 2,007 for Klinck.

While Klinck was the top vote-getter in many of the district’s towns, the scales tipped in Crawford’s favor especially in his hometown area.

Here’s how the votes (which are currently unofficial) break out:

East Haddam: 438 Klinck, 886 Crawford

East Hampton: 270 Klinck, 243 Crawford

Chester: 87 Klinck, 153 Crawford

Clinton: 97 Klinck, 441 Crawford

Colchester: 282 Klinck, 243 Crawford

Deep River: 120 Klinck, 131 Crawford

Essex: 124 Klinck, 325 Crawford

Haddam: 176 Klinck, 239 Crawford

Lyme: 110 Klinck, 38 Crawford

Old Saybrook: 103 Klinck, 181 Crawford

Portland: 160 Klinck, 186 Crawford

Westbrook: 40 Klinck, 233 Crawford

More primary results will be posted as they become available.

Posted August 14, 2012

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